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710 Labs Water Hash


(8 customer reviews)

710 Labs WPFF Water Hash is a 6* star quality water hash processed by our extraction team that uses Whole Plant Fresh Frozen flowers, yielding a final product that beautifully captures the true essence of the plant, as mother nature intended.

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8 reviews for 710 Labs Water Hash

  1. poopdiaper

    Papaya #35
    Picked up the papaya water hash #35 and man old man probably the best hash I ever smoked saving the last half for a special day. I love to open the jar and just spell it , when dab the high hits so quick and last forever very clean high.

  2. EastsideG34

    fuckin gas
    lot of material left in bangha

  3. BellroseYoga

    Best hash in the world. So clean so tasty 😋!!!

  4. kelly thiessen

    701labs best concentrates ever created
    if your disability causes you pain these are the meds for you they also do a great job extending the amount of time your pain meds last

  5. Darkside farms

    Really decent product
    The gmo and sour Tangie sap is bomb also

  6. alejandro_

    I’ve been heavy on 710labs products for well over 8 months now. It all started with their FIRE water hash (can’t remember which strain). Before I was knowledgeable in preserving the terps by keeping it in the fridge or freezer, I had it always on-hand and loved to shovel some sand-like texture, amazing smelling and hard-hitting high, into my joints and blast off! Much love and respect to the 710labs fam!

  7. james4green

    You guys have the best collections

  8. juicethc

    Fire rosin
    This hash is 🔥🔥 if you can afford it buy it

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