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21 % THC

Biscotti is a potent indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Gelato 25 with Sour Florida OG. This strain produces a cerebral high that leave consumers feeling relaxed, creative, and buzzy from head-to-toe. The effects of Biscotti are known to creep up on consumers, so it’s best to take it slow with this strain. In terms of flavor, Biscotti tastes like sweet cookies with undertones of diesel. With a THC level of 21%, medical marijuana patients turn to this strain to relieve symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and depression. According to growers, Biscotti flowers into small, dense buds marked by dark green and purple foliage with bright orange pistils. The striking trichome coverage of this strain gives it top shelf appeal. Biscotti was originally bred by Cookies Farms. If you’ve smoked, dabbed, or consumed this strain before, tell us about your experience by leaving a review.

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112g(Quater Pound), 224g(Half Pound ), 28g(Ounce ), 448g(pound)

11 reviews for Biscotti

  1. Don Clovis

    I’m bakedddddddd. Royalbudstore, I’m impressed with the packaging and delivery time

  2. zokora P

    SUPER pleasurable! I’m just feeling very mellow. I could draw or collage right now, but I also don’t have to. Very freeing. What will be will be. Flower itself smells really good, exactly like biscotti!

  3. Boris N

    I will admit. I just turned 21 and weed is now legal in my state. I started smoking out of curiosity and decided to pick up a verano vape of this strain. Therefore my review will based upon a first tiem user. I chose this mainly because it is a indica dominant strain and I wanted to try something new. First impressions was, wow this knocked my s*** back. haha. No really but the first couple of minutes I got a major heated flush throughout my body. My throat was a little knotted and chest was bumping but to be completely honest for a indica strain it didn’t leave me at a complete stoney couch lock mood. I was happy and very aware and able to function properly around the house. Oh and it taste DELICIOUS. I swear it takes almost like cinnamon sugar cookies or a nice batch of cookie dough.

  4. Princesley A

    Tastes like spiced chai tea with a hit of citrus. So smooth. This is one of my new favorite strains as it has a deep calming body affect and helps with chronic back pain and relieves anxiety and stress. Truly a miracle for anyone with severe anxiety problems I would recommend trying this strain to relax your body and mind.

  5. Eugene Sr

    I am so enamored with the flavor that I tend to overdo it and fall asleep before the party is over. Head to toe high yet my brain still functions, just the irritating parts go missing. Body is all Indica fineness. I can’t finish review because Biscotti is the most delicious strain I’ve had in 40 years, and it’s a creeper that just blindsided me. Extraordinary.

  6. Wayne R

    I am high asfffffffff right now. My body is tingly allllll over. It helps with pain and it is easing my mind. Very pretty flower and very amazing high. 10/10 definitely recommend!!!

  7. Bastien Blaise

    This shit got me toasty Boasty foasty west coasty with a cherry on top. This shit got me Humpty Dumpty yooooooo! Straight gasoline baby yummmmmm

  8. Shugga shally

    Biscotti is my favorite strain of all time. In a concentrate when you see the more psychoactive side of its personality, you’ll be met with one of the most unique headspaces I’ve found from cannabis. It feels like your brain is operating at 100%; definitely worth a try for creatives, people dealing with stress/depression related conditions, or anyone who wants a fantastic time. Ive found it to be a great hybrid for any time of day or night. Truly the go-to strain if you’re here for what weed does to your mind.

  9. Teo Daniel

    The pheno I sampled is definitely more indica dominant. Efffect starts from the head down to the body and has some really nice muscle unwind and relax. Spicey, earthy diesel taste and has that citrus mineral smell. This one makes you hungry but not dry mouth and is a really well balanced body buzz without being too spacey or cerebral.

  10. Desmond slim

    Makes me feel weightless. Helps with pain. Makes me feel smiley.

  11. Marvin churchill

    One of my favorite strains I’ve ever smoked. I have a spinal cord injury and suffer from nerve pain, muscle spasms, muscle tightness, paralysis, and much much more. This strain is the first thing I think of when I’m in the worst pain. Such a great body high that melts all pain and puts the mind at ease. Would always have this strain on hand if it was available.

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