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Cbd Oil 10% 10Ml


Our  10% CBD oil  packaged in  10ml bottles  is the ideal solution for those looking for an intermediate dosage suitable for all needs.

In order to offer you an exceptional product, we have chosen to make our CBD oil with   Full Spectrum  hemp extract  containing several cannabinoids, rich in CBD and terpenes. The  organic virgin olive oil  serves as a basis and brings a sweet and fruity flavor to the whole.

Discover 10% Nature & CBD CBD oil and enjoy a total of 1000 mg of CBD in a 10ml vial with dropper pipette, practical for daily use.

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A modern and safe production method

All our oils are manufactured in compliance with the standards for the food industry, in a safe environment allowing perfect control of the product.

The Full Spectrum extract used in our oils comes from authorized hemp varieties and does not contain THC according to the legislation. The modern and clean supercritical CO2 extraction method results in a high quality extract.

The power of nature at your service

In our CBD oils, we favor quality ingredients with natural properties; Organic virgin olive oil used as a base, rich in omega-9 and antioxidants, gives our oil a mild flavor. Our oil is also rich in CBD and natural terpenes directly from hemp.

Our advice for use for optimal efficiency

In order to get the most out of our 10% CBD oil, we invite you to follow our advice for use:

How to consume CBD oil?

In order to make the most of the different properties of our oil and to experience all its effectiveness, we recommend placing a few drops directly under the tongue; with this method of use, the different cannabinoids present in our oil are quickly assimilated by the body.

Which dosage to choose?

The 10% concentration (around 5mg of CBD per drop of oil) is considered intermediate and will suit consumers comfortable with CBD as well as those looking for a powerful product in order to discover cannabinoids.

For optimal results, we invite you to always start with a light dosage and not to exceed 4 drops 3 times a day.

How to store CBD oil?

Our 10% CBD oil is stored away from light, heat and humidity. It is recommended that you keep the cardboard case that came with the oil bottle to avoid prolonged exposure to light which could cause the oil and CBD to break down more quickly.

What are the precautions for use?

CBD oils are not drugs and in no way can replace treatment prescribed by a healthcare professional. If you are undergoing medical treatment, we invite you to consult your doctor before taking CBD oil.

CBD oils are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and are not intended for minors under the age of 18.


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