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Gelato 45


(9 customer reviews)

THC: 19.9% CBD: 0.1%

Gelato 45 is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Sherbet. Gelato 45 has a sweet flavor profile with subtle hints of earthy pine. Gelato 45 is a fan favorite because of its mood-boosting abilities that pair great with social activities. Those who smoke this strain often say it tends to bring on fits of the giggles. Growers say Gelato 45 buds are marked by a dusting of trichomes and colors that are dark green and occassionally blue. Medical marijuana patients choose Gelato 45 for relieving symptoms related to depression and anxiety.

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112g(Quater Pound), 224g(Half Pound ), 28g(Ounce ), 448g(pound)

9 reviews for Gelato 45

  1. Nashley Bee

    WOW!!!! This is an absolutely amazing strain. Picked up an oz of Gelato #45 for $160 from the Royalbudstore. Although I can’t say much for the dispensary itself, this top shelf flower is absolutely amazing! Beautiful purple buds glistening with trichomes and orange hairs. The smell is fruity and pungent, and I’m definitely keeping some of this around just so I can smell it again. The trim on these nugs is impeccable, very few stems and no leaves, just beautiful purple buds. The taste of fruity, creamy gelato bursts into your mouth with each hit you take. I have tried this with both a vaporiser (Volcano) and a bong, and each toke always leaves me yearning for more. Meanwhile, the high is slightly indica-dominant, but not couch locking. Gelato relaxes the body and the mind, while also lifting mood. Pain melts away as does stress. it is a completely unique strain which every true cannasseur should try at least once. Goes well with it’s parent, Sunset Sherbet!

  2. Fabrise Cekati

    Amazing!!! Amazing!! WOW WOW I never in my life thought I would be able to have the taste of Italian Gelato in my mouth while I am medicating, its AMAZING! HiGh Head High and my body was cool and bit numb! wow…. its my new high… Thank you #Royalbudstore

  3. George Didi

    A suttle hybrid, I smoke all the time and I found this strain to be a pretty balanced hybrid. I felt mildly mentally relaxed and my body feel a little loose too. It felt like a solid 50/50 hybrid. Overall it was too mild for me and I probably wouldn’t purchase this one again. I like strains that are more potent, this was ok but nothing special or memorable. This strain would probably be great for novice smokers.

  4. Skido Kenzo

    I was torn from giving this a 3 or 4 star. I choose the latter because it isn’t really THAT bad of a strain. But I got this one as a suggestion because Rainbow Gelato was gone. And although this strain still has a lot of gelato effects I have also experienced dizziness from smoking this strain. Other than that it’s a pretty good strain that really slows down time…or speeds it up…not sure anymore hahaha.

  5. Morris Taylor

    one of the most interesting smelling and tasting strains I’ve ever had. I believe I had a thin mint dominant phenotype because there was a strong presence of mint terpines. when vaporized every hit cleared my sinuses followed by a sweet lavender vanilla aftertaste.

  6. T christel

    The smell was a sweet diesel like aroma, and the taste was quite earthy/woody to me. The bud has some gorgeous purple and green hues! Smoked a bowl in my bong and was feeling relaxed just halfway in; the body high sort of crept up on me, and it settled into a warm, comfortable high that was fantastic before bedtime.

  7. Stanley V

    I picked up an oz of Gelato from the Royalbudstore. It was a really smooth smoke that knocked me on my … couch. It’s a really balanced high and is good for day or night time smoking.

  8. MBA Savage

    I have Anxiety and depression. I tend to favor the Indica side WAY more than Sativa’s. This strain is the right amount of both but don’t smoke too much or I could see it turning into a panic attack situation from the Sativa traits.

  9. pongo Brown

    Tastes amazing like sweet strawberries. Makes you giggle a lot and relaxes you completely. This is a perfect strain for the ones that love tasty weed and powerful too

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