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King Louie Xiii


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22.64% THC

King Louis XIII is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing OG Kush with LA Confidential. It’s namesake might be most famous for making wigs on men de rigeur for the French aristocracy, but in Southern California the name will bring to mind a popular indica-dominant strain. This strain announces itself as many people did in the 1600s: by its smell. The difference is this monarch’s odor is one that’s meant to be enjoyed; its dense nugs have an overwhelmingly piney smell with an earthy musk that will have you thinking of your last forest adventure. Because of its OG Kush, heritage Louis XIII has a very similar spicy kush aroma.

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112g(Quater Pound), 224g(Half Pound ), 28g(Ounce ), 448g(pound)

7 reviews for King Louie Xiii

  1. Albert James

    Sniffing the buds will send a tingle into your nostrils. I’ve never smelt such a clean citrus scent. Most herb tend to have light stink of Lysol. Upon inhaling the Louis’ vapors, there was a light tingle on my mouth. I knew this dank herb would be potent. I have a love/hate relationships with indicas. The psychiatric properties help me manage my violate mood-swings but leave me lazy and couchlocked as if I was laying in a mud pit while sucking a cannoli. A good indica should feel taking a breather after playing a volleyball game–euphoria. This strain has that gooey feeling and more. Get some of this and turn that frown upside down. “A great artist is a great man inside a great child (Victor Hugo).”

  2. Jordan Billy

    This strain outperforms the almighty Granddaddy Purple. I’m a medical user (spasticity,) but due to the body high King Louie is almost recreational. It feels like I’m covered in styrofoam beads. Serious couch lock, and I got lost in my thoughts, so when I started coming down, I kind of felt like I was waking up suddenly from a nap. (A bit of a rude shock, since I was trying to get to sleep… but no less amazing.) If you can get your hands on it, i definitely recommend it.

  3. Joe Bryan

    Fantastic “put your Insomniac ass to bed” strain. Even if I’m on the phone reading news, eventually I need to put it down and suck pillow…zzzz. Very few Indica strains do this for me this well, as some lack the heavy sedation I require and others keep the hamster in my head running on his wheel full speed, which sucks because you’re sleepy as hell but can’t stop thinking about random stuff.

  4. Jesse D

    Louis XIII OG is one of those strains that I hope I never see go extinct. I don’t know what else to say, it’s that good. 10,000 strains and I want to make sure Louis is still around and in my garden

  5. Arthur Lawrence

    I’m a moderate smoker with a history of anxiety when smoking. The taste of this flower was delicious. I took two hits and held them for longer than I should have. I was afraid I was going to have a panic attack but it didn’t happen! I wouldn’t recommend driving while using this, as the mind wanders easily with this strain. I relaxed at home with subtle munchies and extreme couch lock. I fell asleep fast and stayed asleep, waking up refreshed. All in all, a pretty good strain , just be mindful of the amount you’re taking if you have anxiety.

  6. Sean Austin

    Honestly this is probably the best strain I’ve smoked in terms of just how hard it hits you and how relaxed you are after, if you are looking to get relaxed quickly (at least it was quick for me) then i definitely recommend this over most other earth type strains. the arousel was strong too

  7. Carl Terry

    This is a truly amazing medication. There’s not much that hasn’t been said before, but here goes. This is not a medication that is to be taken lightly. Do not drive on this. At least not until you have a chance to get your dosage right, same with work. Absolutely my favorite sleep medication, you just kinda melt into where ever you happen to be. This is some next level stuff here. On second thought, don’t drive on this…

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