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THC: 17-25% CBD: <1%

Superglue is a hybrid strain bred by Seedism Seeds. A cross between Afghani and Northern Lights, Superglue inherits indica growth patterns along with sweet caramel and pine aroma. Superglue brings calming relaxation to mind and body but leaves you functional and energetic enough for social activities or a productive afternoon.

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112g(Quater Pound), 224g(Half Pound ), 28g(Ounce ), 448g(pound)

13 reviews for Superglue

  1. Terry mekki

    finest bud ever. The smell to be contrary to others is not cat p but more spicy and earthen in nature. When lit its taste goes to a very smooth sandalwood and again earthy. The after taste is similar but almost chemical like at first. The body pain relief is pretty quick as well as noticeable. It lasts up to 5 hours and does not leave me tired or burnt out. Great daytime relief for me. Some of my pain needs are due to thoracic outlet syndrome (two) and severe low back pain.

  2. Burton Dike

    Gorilla glue number 4 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Royalbudstore, check them out really good meds everything on point

  3. Tyler Gobar

    Uplifting, euphoric that will keep you entertained for a good while

  4. Dozie Dike

    The appearance of this bud might be offputting to some as its pretty much one solid light green color. Smells just like glue. GG#4 will always be one of my favorites. You can’t go wrong with this one if you want something strong and heavy! After the second rip from my bong, I’ll be high off my ass! every single time. Not only is the onset quick— its euphoric. The high gives me enough muscle relaxation without sedating me mentally. Instead it mentally uplifts me. This is a strain I’d smoke before having a guitar jam sesh. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  5. Greg polo

    Perfection, or as close as one gets to it. within 30 seconds of my first puff, I could feel the muscles in my back relax. the (4) arthritic vertebrae pain

  6. Ernest Lilray

    Full body, happy, buzzing high that eventually knocks you out full force. Great smell and flavor. Testing at 25% plus from Royalbudstore so a little goes a long way for me at least. I like that this doesn’t give me insane munchies but is still very relaxing!

  7. Fozen Kenneth FolefackCurtis Washington

    😍..Lovin’ this FunHappyMellowSillyMunchy stone. Stress, what stress??..No worries when tokin’ GG!..I feel soo Relaxed & out-of-Pain after only one bowl. (27.70% THC)💖.. A lovely Euphoric Evening bud, nice Kick-Back material. This hippy chick will be back for more!! I HighLy recommend this verrry Fine Herb to All my canna-Friends!..Be Well!✌

  8. Tbalia troy

    There is a reason that you can never go wrong with Gorilla Glue. A delicious and frosty strain this phenotype treats both Indica and Sativa lovers kindly. The body high is all encompassing but not sedating and the head high is buzzing but not anxiety-provoking. This strain is perfect for anything that doesn’t require too much of a physical motion. Rent a movie, grab your significant other, and enjoy the next 6 hours on the couch

  9. Jake Reed

    I smoked a bowl of this with some kief sprinkled on top the other night before engaging in some self-love and eventually had a 20+ minute-long orgasm. It felt like it was never going to end! Afterward, I had some auditory hallucinations, hearing music that wasn’t there. All in all, this is an excellent great strain for relaxing and feeling good – but the level of couch-lock means that I wouldn’t recommend this for use when you actually have to get stuff done.

  10. Real Real

    Gorilla Glue is fantastic pain relief, and relieves everything from insomnia to muscle spasms. Be careful not to smoke too much! Both my wife and I smoke just a wee bit too much and the room was spinning when I closed my eyes! Reminded me of the first time I got drunk as a kid! Do not like that out of control spinning feeling! Both my wife and I wound up with slight headaches in the morning if you smoke too much. If you smoke just enough before getting the “spins”, then you will love the effects! Definitely euphoric, happy, talkative, tingly, uplifted – This is one of our favorites! I felt like every muscle in my body was hanging there – a very weird feeling imagining your skeleton with muscles hanging loosely from your bones! – NO my wife did not have any of these effects but she definitely had the tingling going on for the first time! Great all around strain that definitely delivers

  11. King Simpson

    This shit will make you forget Donald Trump is Pres Elect. Enough said

  12. Richard kash

    Sweet jesus, tried this is amazing crumble first and it was great, just got some top top shelf GG4 and I have to easily say this is climbing to my top 3. It’s an amazing smooth relaxing high, makes you happy and content, anxiety melts, depression goes away, and on the pain side this stuff had me NUMB! Definitely highly recommended to all noobies and veterans as this is just an overall amazing strain. Just can’t believe how potent it is but then again it is GG4! Don’t pass it up!

  13. Bob Lilwiz

    This is a very heavy strain. It’s a hybrid but it feels very much like an indica in that you’re not gonna be extremely active after using this. It doesn’t make you drowsy but it will plant you. Very heady buzz but also very relaxing. Settle in though. This is the real deal.

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