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F/ELD | Hellfire – Live Resin -1.0g

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(12 customer reviews)


· Taste: Sweet, Floral

· Feeling: Relaxed, Sleepy, Hungry

· Description: This powerful strain will put you in a mindset of pure relaxation.

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  1. highasscece

    First time trying this concentrate! 10/10 would recommend! 🙂

  2. gustavohernandez

    Rosay is a partay!
    Real clean dab. Smooth and no overpowering flavor. And sooo potent 🔥🔥. 1 hit will do, no matter yur tolerance.

  3. fgiles1011

    Love the stiiizy rosay and was definitely happy to get my hands on some of the rosay live resin. Super super dank smell and taste the smell absolutely blew me away upon opening the wax container as it smells literally just like as if I opened a jar of the rosay flower. Super light yellow and clear diamonds. The high from this strain is always great I loved the flower to I knew the wax had to to be amazing, and that it is it leaves such a good taste of the terps after a nice temp dab of this one and the high is great starting off as a slight Stoney high that seems to take a minute to fully hit in my eyes and head leaving me completely relaxed and euphoric. I highly highly recommend this one for sleep relaxing or just overall having a great tasting and hitting dab whenever needed.

  4. jonny42

    Super fire
    Im so hooked on all of stiiizy’s live resin. The stiiizy Rosay is one of my favorites. Never buying anything else! 🔥🔥

  5. aledeloe1

    Best Wax I’ve got in years !!
    Randomly got this gram randomly and was such a great taste and high

  6. alexgonzvlez

    GAS don’t let the name let you down.
    Was kinda skeptical about trying stiiizy live resin as I moved off of stiiiz and stuck to RAW but this is gas as well. Not sure about the live resin pods as I go to the RAW carts but this was a well purchase.

  7. CannabisAppreciator

    Best Out There
    Best Stiiizy product I have received ! Definitely recommended!

  8. Kylef420

    Creme de la creme
    Oh so fire. Somewhat of a cookie terp profile

  9. MartyyyMcfliii

    Good stuff
    I was offered to try some of this strain and let me tell you it was bomb

  10. Bassdeep

    crazy good I can’t get enough of this. had me dummy faded for the longest time, highly recommend

  11. 310_Terps

    This flavor was amazingggg. At the initial hit, my heart would race a little, but as it came down so did the effects of the resin start to come on. I felt a lazy back so i slouched a lot (i would recommend smoking this undistracted and in your free time), it also felt really good in the head, like when your sitting in a massage chair at the mall: the attention you’re getting from the chair feels soooo good, and for a moment you forget that you’re in public. (you’re in a world of pleasure). I would say that this is a very good concentrate, but it isn’t like galactic euphoria, more like an inward euphoria.

  12. FearTheNobodies

    clean product
    nice smell and taste.quality funk.ive tried 3 other strains.all meet the mark😉

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